9 Essential Gardening Tips for Beginners

You wanna get dirty with garden soil but didn’t know how and where to start? Check this out first.

Published August 04, 2021

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or thinking of doing something creative with your children during the summer, growing some plants in your yard could be an excellent choice. According American Institute of Stress, gardening helps reduce stress levels and it’s beneficial for fast-paced living so you could get a little breather every once in a while. However, starting a new hobby would require some learning so we are here to give you some garden tips to help you kick-off your green dreams.

1. Always Follow The Sun

It’s basic. We can’t grow plants where the sun doesn’t shine. Determine a place in your yard where your plants can be well-nurtured. Study which part of your yard is getting the sunshine and which part is covered by shade. By that, you’d be able to determine where to plot your new happy place.

2. Your Garden Should Be Within Your Reach As Much As Possible

Growing your plants is like growing a baby, you should keep an eye on them. That is why it’s better to actually have a garden that is easily accessible to you. You’d be taking care of some precious seedlings and placing them in a spot where you could interact with them regularly would be a smart choice.

3. Examine the soil in your yard

A healthy soil is an extremely important factor in gardening since your plants would need proper nurturing. You have to consider the soil’s acidity level, potassium, and phosphorus content. If this sounds technical to you, gardening services can do the job of determining if your yard is ready for some seedlings.

4. Select plants that will suit your lifestyle

Since these organisms need to be monitored carefully, you would want to choose the plants that are right for your place and also your schedule. There are some plants that need minimal care like Chinese Evergreen or Jade. Some are high-maintenance like Orchids and Calathea. Nevertheless, gardening is a responsibility. Think of it as owning a pet, no one wants their pets neglected.

5. The right tools should be at your fingertips

From digging your soil to pruning your plants, the proper tools are needed to succeed with this new hobby. Save up so you could start strolling the gardening section of your local store. Begin with just the most essential garden tools like gardening gloves. Seedling trays, cultivator, watering can, garden hose, and more. This Business Insider gardening checklists would be a useful guide for you.

6. Accessible water source is the answer

You don’t want to go back and forth just to fetch a bucket of water to hydrate your plants. A watering can would be handy but a gardening hose connected to a steady supply of water is a better option.

7. Learn how to determine the average frost dates in your location

As a responsible garden owner, you’d want to know when is the right time to grow your plants. Knowing the safest dates to plant in your garden is significant whether you’re growing some coneflowers or planting to harvest vegetables. An abundant number of guides and planting calendars are available online that you can customize to your location.

8. Spread a layer of mulch around each plant

Just like what we talked about from the previous blog post, you should occasionally pick out the weeds in your yard. You don’t want those unwanted grasses to feed on the nutrients your plants are supposed to be getting. Aside from pulling out the weeds, covering mulch on each plant is also a perfect way to prevent the growth of the weeds. Furthermore, this helps hydrate the soil by producing moisture around your plant. Gardening services could also get it done for you.

9. Take good care of your plants by feeding them on a regular basis

 Your commitment is the key to a thriving garden. Set reminders for watering the plants and make sure you are hydrating them down to their roots. Get tips from gardening communities online about the perfect ways to fertilize your plants. For beginners, there are also plant foods that are readily-available for your convenience. You just have to read the instructions carefully.

Picking up a new hobby could be challenging at first especially when you choose something that requires you to take responsibility. Plants aren’t lifeless and they need sufficient nourishment. Your devotion and dedication are going to pay off once you see your plants have started to grow healthy. You are surely going to be a proud plant parent. So begin your journey with the tips above and happy gardening to you!

If all these still sound very technical to you, or if you want a garden but just couldn’t commit to the responsibilities, there’s always an option to get a quote for a garden service. There’s always something you can do to get the garden you envision for your property.