Un-child-proofing Your Lawn in 3 Weeks or Less for Busy Parents

Cause your kids are not toddlers anymore and you need to declutter

Published July 23, 2021

Your kids are all grown up. They may not be in their legal ages yet but they’re grown up enough to manage their every action. Now, you’re going to get busy as you provide their stretching needs too. If you think you don’t have time to get rid of all the child-proofing that you did with your lawn and garden, we can help you. We are kicking this off with the easiest tasks to do down the most time consuming ones. Here are some tips on clearing out your lawn from child-proofing fixtures that you can do little by little in three weeks or less.

1. Inform your grown-up kids about toxic chemicals you use for the garden 

You might have had troubles getting the pesticides you need for your garden because you’ve put them somewhere your children won’t be able to reach. By this time, we assume that your kids are capable of understanding how to take care of themselves. They may even be tall enough to reach places they weren’t able to before like the shelf where you put your fertilizers. In this case, you can involve them in this task by telling them that some of the chemicals you’re using are harmful for a person’s health. Allocate  time to teach them about the harmful effects of these chemicals and warn them about getting in contact with these things. Let them know that these are those things they should not touch despite having access to.

2. Start with the mesh wires and yard guards on the first weekend

Gone are the days where you had to prevent your children from putting their hands and head in between the railings and getting stuck. You can begin to undo the child-proofing of your lawn and garden by getting rid of the deck rail safety nets and mesh guards. They are the easiest to discard which would be very doable even after your shift.

3. Proceed to putting away the driveway guard

It’s time for you to uninstall that retractable driveway guard. The child-friendly barricade is not needed anymore when your children already have a sense of spotting potential dangers within your yard. Just like the mesh wires, this too won’t eat much of your time uninstalling. Just pull out the tubes you’ve attached to the end poles of the mesh boundary and cover the holes with soil. It’s that easy you can do it right after getting rid of the yard guards.

4. Removing the most manageable fences on the next weekend

This could be optional but if you consider freeing some spaces for you and your family in your yard, go ahead and do this in your free time. Remove the ones that are now useless. These are fences which were just there to prevent the small children from crossing a place in your lawn where they used to be not allowed into. You can then proceed to removing fences where your most-cared plants are housed while simultaneously teaching your children to be responsible around those areas. You can replace the fences with little signs like “Do not pick the flowers” or “Take good care of these plants”. You can also consider building fences, this time for aesthetic purposes to compliment with your newly-freed garden plants and flowers.

5. Clean up the extra clutters in your lawn on the third week

These are things that don’t have essential uses anymore. It could be those little football net goals in your backyard or the slow down sign to let your neighbors know that you have small children. The goal is removing clutters so put them inside storage along with the things you are not using anymore. You can give them to your friends who are expecting parents or reuse them in case you have to child-proof your lawn and garden again.

6. Deconstruct the tree house or homestead for your kids if you have one

Putting up a playhouse for your children helped you to keep them off your lawn. Now, it’s time for you to thank the children’s sanctuary for its service. Just like the assembly of the construction, breaking it down is equally a time-consuming task. You have to allocate some time to finish the task completely. From organizing the constructing materials to bringing them down the tree to the storage, it would really eat up much of your time. Plan the deconstruction when it is most convenient and efficient for you to do.

6. Lastly, maintain your lawn

The last thing that you have to do after decluttering is to maintain your lawn. This is the last one but it’s definitely something you have to do regularly. Lawn maintenance is vital not just to keep your yard clean but also to keep it a safe space for everyone in the household.