6 Useful Lawn Care Tips for Young New Homeowners

You can base your next actions on these useful tips if you’re a newbie on lawn maintenance

Published July 23, 2021

You just bought a new property and to your surprise, you forgot that the whole yard would also need some maintaining. You begin to wonder, how you are going to take care of the whole yard when you never did it before. It’s going to snatch your time but you can save some if you already have an idea how and what to do.

1. Learn about your lawn and its grasses

It’s important to understand everything about the place you are moving into. You may have not paid attention to the lawn when you acquired the property but you have to from now on. Check which grass is right for the climate where you’re residing. Is Bermuda a good choice? How about Fescue? Resources are abundant online and this useful grass guide can help you choose the appropriate grass for your yard.

2. Bring out those tools

It’s the perfect time to check if you have the proper tools for lawn maintenance. Do you have a reliable garden hose for watering, a quality lawn mower? How about leaf blowers and rakes? These things could come in handy when it comes to keeping your yard well-maintained. If you don’t have any of those tools, you can grab some on Amazon or just call a service that could do the job for you.

3. Pull out the weeds

If you think you still don’t have the right equipment to maintain your lawn then you can do the bare minimum. Weed management is an important part of keeping the yard healthy. We don’t want these unwanted visitors interfering with the growth of our beloved plants. Just make sure to pull the whole weed including the root to prevent its spread. You can also get help with installing lawn edgings which is also a good way to stop the spread of weeds.

4. Trim your plants

This is more on the gardening side but if your lawn looks good, your plants should look the same if you have some in your yard. Pruning can help with the beautification. If you’re someone with a green thumb, we’re sure you’re going to enjoy this task.

5. Pick the leaves

Make it a habit to get rid of the fallen leaves in your yard. If you want your lawn clean then you gotta make sure that it’s spotless. Use a rake to do the task ‘cause that’s the most practical method and it’s easy to do. This work isn’t that time consuming especially if you have extra time in the morning.

6. Schedule a service for lawn care

The tips above can be useful unless you have lots of appointments to attend to or you just want to do no harm to your lawn. You can just leave the job to the experts by scheduling a service with lawn care providers. You can even set up a scheduled lawn mowing for your yard and estimate the costs of the service. Just like any other things now, you can do all these online.